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The Times, They Were A-Changing.

It was 2011 and we were all turning 60. Out of shape (or the shape we may have remembered from 40+ years earlier) and feeling our age. Time to shake it off and enjoy the road ahead. Mark, a college roommate from New Paltz class of ‘73, enjoyed road bicycling, rarely finding himself on the winding roads of Port Washington with life, lawyer-ing, and family the priorities. Rich, a lifelong friend from Long Beach, LI, NY fancied himself a runner, mostly seen jogging slowly around the Central Park Reservoir in NYC between family and consulting gigs. And me, working through various businesses and cities, now settled into Wilmington, NC and finding the joys of swimming, on hold for the past 40 years since my competitive days in Long Beach and at New Paltz.

And so, 2 years later, our pact was formed. We would create a triathlon team and commit to a race in Wilmington in 6 months. That was 2013. I lost 60 lbs, Mark started biking, Rich was regularly picking up his NYC pace around the park, and we joined to compete in our first triathlon, as a team, The Sixties Survivors. After we three turned 60 in 2011 … and for our fellow baby boomers reading this, we survived the 60’s. Both, no given, along the way.

So, enjoy the posts and pics, add your own, visit our website. And most important, enjoy the ride .. we may not be called “The Greatest Generation,” but, our parents were and they survived us surviving the sixties. Make the best of it. We hope this, and our website brings only good memories to your sixties, seventies, and to all ages who wish they were there, when the music, the weather[men], and the times, they were a changing.

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