Baby Boomers include the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation.  Enjoying peak levels of income and awareness of the people and the world around them, respecting both the diversity of those people and the opportunities to improve our lives in the future.

We, The Baby Boomers, now in our sixties and seventies, we want to reap the benefits of abundant levels of food, apparel, retirement programs, and sometimes even “midlife crisis” products. The increased consumerism for this generation has been regularly criticized as excessive. So what? We earned it.

This site will provide insights, commentary, resources, and items of interest to support baby boomers as we continue to survive and enjoy life … or what’s left of it. And help those around us, not as fortunate in finance, health, family, or circumstances. Or perhaps they missed some something along the way, want to remember the moments of our youth.

For example, the times “I was there when … ” and witnessed the greatest music to come out of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s.  Still the best ever, apologies to Classical, R&B, Big Band,  and Jazz enthusiasts amongst us. There’s a place, a time, and a song that serves as a reminder of “the time when … ” …


One feature of the baby boomers was that they have tended to think of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before or that has come afterward. In the 1960s, as the relatively large numbers of young people became teenagers and young adults, they, and those around them created very specific rhetoric around their cohort, and the changes they were bringing about. This rhetoric had an important impact on the self-perceptions of the boomers, as well as their tendency to define the world in terms of generations, which was a relatively new phenomenon.


In the U.S., the baby boomers generation can be segmented into two broadly defined cohorts:

The Leading-Edge Baby Boomers are individuals born between 1946 and 1964, those who came of age during the Vietnam War era – the “hippies,” “yippies,” and “yuppies,”  This group represents slightly more than half of the generation or roughly 38,002,000 people of all races.

The other half of the generation was born between 1956 and 1964. Called Late Boomers, or Trailing-Edge Baby Boomers, this second cohort includes about 37,818,000 individuals

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