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Choose From Different Styles Of Exercise Routines

A regular workout routine is a fantastic way to get into shape. However, when I say “regular routine” that doesn’t mean doing the same thing day in and day out is your best bet. It’s important to change up your routine to “shock” your muscles and to keep the workout interesting for yourself. A stale workout routine could get you in a slump and you may get bored of working out altogether.

Weight training is a great way to add mass and strength; however you may have no interest in that. If that sounds like you then you may need to look again and weight lifting. You don’t need to load up on heavy weights and over strain your self to get the best out of this type of workout. A nice change from your everyday cardio routine could be to go for a quick jog to get your heart rate up, then do some light weights while maintaining a decent heart rate which will encourage continuous weight loss.

Even if you just want to bulk up and lift weights, throwing a bit of cardio into your routine can help with your heart strength and lung capacity. If you’re already an avid aerobic exerciser, don’t think you can’t mix it up by changing your routine a little. If you mainly go just for jogs, try taking a few cardio dance classes and burn calories to a beat. Or if you stick to cycling you could try doing a few laps and see if you can’t just hit a few more muscle groups.

Circuit training or boot camp types of exercise could also be a fun way to liven up your workout. These types of exercise already incorporate variety into their routine. A boot camp style workout may consist of a lot of different calisthenics such as jumping jacks, push-ups, pull-ups, or sit-ups. Circuit training could be a series of weight and cardio stations that alternate between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Stretching is something that should be incorporated into any exercise routine whether you’re looking for variety or not. You may decide to use a stretching routine as the main body of your workout with any of the many forms of yoga, or you can use it just for your warm up and cool down periods, but this is one thing that should definitely not be overlooked.

When adjusting your workouts don’t forget you need to progress your difficulty level and increase your intensity. Variation will keep your workout fresh and fun and your body will respond positively to the change in your routine.

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