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Is Water Aerobics Right For You?

Getting started in a water aerobics class could be the right thing for you any number of reasons. There are so many different types of fitness programs and work out plans but water aerobics has always remained pretty unique. Water aerobics can not only be an amazing workout, it’s safe, and it’s tons of fun!

A Good Start

If you’re new to exercising, think you’re out of shape, and don’t know what to try then water aerobics is a great place to start. This is an activity that lets you go at your own pace and increase your exertion when you’re ready. While the water provides resistance as part of the fitness routine, it also helps to reduce the resistance of gravity and can be used to your benefit while your muscles are still getting stronger.

Weight and Obesity

For some it may be discouraging to embark on a new fitness program when you’re overweight. One of the best things about water aerobics is that about 85% of your body weight is being supported by the water. When you’re working out in this environment, you’re still burning calories, but a lot of stress is being taken off your back and legs so you get the chance to have a full body workout with less discomfort.

Age and Joint Pain

As you get older, arthritis and joint pain may be something that can’t be helped. Trying to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness may become unbearable, but water aerobics is an activity that will cause less inflammation and pain to your joints. Plus, being submerged in the refreshing fluidity of the pool may actual go a long way to help relax some of your aches and pains.


Exercising can be a great way to get you back on your feet after an injury, but that can be challenging when you’re already in pain. Water aerobics is an invaluable rehabilitation tool because it can be as low-impact as you make it. You may even just decide to make it part of your fitness regime as a form of injury prevention.

Water aerobics can be right for you whether it’s being done for exercise or just for fun. Many people out there who aren’t strong swimmers may still enjoy water related activities and lucky for them water aerobics can be done in shallow water levels. Whether you choose this form of fitness because of medical reason, age, pregnancy, or just for your love of water, it’s a great way to keep cool and have fun while burning calories.

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