Paul’s Refrigerator, Freezer, and Cupboard

It’s nice to have a blender and a juicer around. B-12 shots are nice, too, if you can afford them. I believe you can accomplish your goals, if you supplement great workouts and exercise with simply eating less, less often. And eating quality meal replacements (e.g. shakes or bars with good vitamin content) for breakfast and lunch 4 – 5x weekly. Atkins or similar works. Pick out any preferred flavor at a vitamin or health store. Stay away from high carb and high fat content. Eat what you want at dinner, just try to dine earlier in the evening and not huge quantities before going to sleep.

Protein Bars – find good quality, low sugar, at least 20gr protein for immediately after a workout or as a meal replacement. My choice has been Premier Nutrition Premier Protein Bar with zero corn syrup and With 30 grams of high quality protein – good variety of flavors with Chocolate Peanut Butter, Yogurt Peanut Crunch, more.

Coconut Water – best natural potassium source for after or during exercise. Richie and Mark hate it. I love it. An acquired taste, just like them.

Any Brand of Light Java Chip Ice Cream (1.5 qt.) – that’s my favorite, find your own.

Chocolate Milk (nonfat) is nice, too – good protein drink, as well.
Fish, salads – yeah, yeah – eat some for lunch and dinners, not necessarily in that order.

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