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The Wrong Way To Do Push Ups

Push-ups are an excellent exercise to help strengthen your upper body, but doing them the wrong way can quickly lead to injury. For maximum benefit and safety, here are the wrong ways to do push-ups that you should absolutely avoid.

1) Going too fast: Moving too quickly when doing push-ups can cause you to lose form and put strain on your joints, rather than on the muscles you’re attempting to target. When performing push-ups, move slowly and always remain conscious of the proper form and technique.

2) Allowing wrists to rotate: Avoiding rotating your wrists outward when doing push-ups can help save you from a nasty wrist injury. Make sure your hands are placed at shoulder width and your wrists stay in line with your arms.

3) Going too deep: Many people think that doing extra deep push-ups will work their abs more. This isn’t true; in fact, taking your body beyond a 90 degree angle can increase the stress on your shoulders and cause injury.

4) Not engaging your core: Your core is essential to maintaining the correct form and balance needed to do push-ups correctly. When doing push-ups, pay close attention to engaging your core while keeping your body stabilized. By following these tips and avoiding these pitfalls, you can get the most out of your push-up workout and keep yourself safe.

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