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What If Men and Women Switched Roles at the Gym?

What if every gender stereotype you’d ever held about men and women who work out at the gym was turned into one snappy little video?

Directed by Jay Diaz and produced by Diaz along with Brian Thomas Smith, Daniel Marcha, and Tony Joun, the video is the newest in a series from Yahoo!’s “The Flip Side.” The catch? Examining what life would be like if men and women switched roles at the gym. Like a sweater, less politically correct version of “Freaky Friday.”

The best humor, some say, is that which awakens us to some core truth about ourselves or human society. If that’s your definition of “funny,” then this video probably won’t make you laugh too hard. It’s also a little sexist. OK, it’s also kind of really sexist. But if we take The Flip Side for full value, and assume it’s a well-intentioned parody of the extremes of gym culture stereotypes, well, heck, there’s enough material here to make any gym-goer crack a smile.

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