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Raleigh company seeks to revolutionize exercise

RALEIGH, N.C. – By Melanie Sanders

A North Raleigh company called Valencell is attempting to revolutionize the way people work out and lose weight.

The tech company, founded by Steven LeBoeuf, is turning out a product that will track your fitness, including your heart health.

Perform Tek is their invention capable of joining with a smart phone or other blue tooth device. They consider it an “all-in-one” workout technology.

“If you don’t exercise in a certain zones you’re really not helping your heart out and we can tell you that with the device you are already wearing,” LeBoeuf said.

The product uses a blood flow sensor embedded in ear pieces you wear while you work out. The company plans another four devices, one of which won’t be a headphone but an arm or wristband product.

The technology would work in another area of the body, as well. The non-headphone device would aim to measure your metabolism while you are not exercising and when you are.

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